Animal Genomics Print


Group members:


prof. dr hab. Marek Switonski

dr hab. Izabela Szczerbal

dr Joanna Nowacka-Woszuk

dr Monika Dragan

mgr inż. Beata Kociucka, PhD student

mgr Sylwia Salamon, PhD student

mgr inż. Monika Mankowska, PhD student

mgr inż. Agata Sikorska, PhD student

mgr Anna Perkowska, PhD student

mgr inż. Joanna Stachecka, PhD student

lic. Krzysztof Rogowski, technical staff



Research activity:

  1. Polymorphism and expression of candidate genes for traits related to fat tissue accumulation, adipogenesis and fatty acids metabolism.
  2. Epigenetic mechanisms involved in adipose tissue accumulation.
  3. Comparative genomics of species belonging to the family Canidae.
  4. Cytogenetic mapping with the use of FISH techniques.


Selected articles, recently published:

  1. Kociucka B., Cieslak J., Szczerbal I. (2012), Three-dimensional arrangement of genes involved in lipid metabolism in nuclei of porcine adipocytes and fibroblasts in relation to their transcription level., Cytogenetic and Genome Research, 136: 295-302.
  2. Cieslak J., Bartz M., Stachowiak M., Skowronska B., Majewska K. A., Harasymczuk J., Stankiewicz W., Fichna P., Switonski M. (2012), Effect of three common SNPs in 5'-flanking region of LEP and ADIPOQ genes on their expression in Polish obese children and adolescents., Molecular Biology Reports, 39: 3951-3955.
  3. Cieslak J., Skorczyk A., Stachowiak M., Szydłowski M., Grzes M., Paczynska P., Skowronska B., Majewska K., Stankiewicz W., Fichna P., Switonski M. (2011), Polymorphism in 5'-flanking regions of genes encoding adiponectin, leptin, resistin are not associated with obesity of Polish children and adolescents., Molecular Biology Reports, 38:1793-1798.
  4. Flisikowski K., Venhoranta H., Nowacka-Woszuk J., McKay S.D., Flyckt A., Taponen J., Schnabel R., Schwarzenbacher H., Szczerbal I., Lohi H., Fries R., Taylor J.F., Switonski M., Andersson M. (2010), A novel mutation in the maternally imprinted PEG3 domain results in a loss of MIMT1 expression and causes abortions and stillbirths in cattle (Bos taurus)., PLoS ONE, 5(11): e15116.
  5. Stachowiak M., Flisikowski K., Szydlowski K., Fries R., Switonski M. (2010), Postnatal transcription profile and polymorphism of the ADIPOR1 gene in five pig breeds., Animal Genetics, 41: 97-100.
  6. Szczerbal I., Bridger J.M. (2010), Association of adipogenic genes with SC-35 domains during porcine adipogenesis., Chromosome Research, 18: 887-895.
  7. Cieslak J., Nowacka-Woszuk J., Bartz M., Fijak-Nowak H., Grzes M., Szydlowski M., Switonski M. (2009), Association studies on the porcine RETN, UCP1, UPC3 and ADRB3 genes polymorphism with fatness traits., Meat Science, 83: 551-554.
  8. Szczerbal I., Foster H. A., Bridger J. M. (2009), The spatial repositioning of adipogenesis genes is correlated with their expression status in a porcine mesenchymal stem cell adipogenesis model system., Chromosoma, 118: 647-663.




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